Location Learning Test - Revised

The Location Learning Test - Revised (LLT-R) is a test that can be used to measure episodic spatial memory for object locations. It was originally developed by Dr. Romola Bucks (University of Western Australia) and has since been revised, with an additional administration procedure and an extensive normative data set based on a sample of 647 healthy adults between 18 and 90+ The LLT-R is available in English, Dutch and German through its publisher Hogrefe.

The LLT-R has been validated in patients with dementia, mild cognitive impairment, type 2 diabetes, stroke, HIV and epilepsy. Administration takes less than 10 minutes, plus a delay of 30 minutes. A total displacement score is computed, reflecting the accuracy of memory for the object-location associations across 5 learning trials, a learning index which estimates the learning curve, and a delayed recall performance. The LLT-R comes with a scoring tool that generates a patient report based on the normative data set. An object recognition test is also included.