Clinically, I am working at Centre of Excellence for Korsakoff and Alcohol-Related Cognitive Disorders of Vincent van Gogh Institute for Psychiatry (Venray, the Netherlands) as a clinical neuropsychologists and senior researcher. This centre specializes in assessment, treatment and consultation of individuals with (suspected) alcohol-related cognitive disorders. It is a highly research-active institute, with Dr. Yvonne Rensen, Dr. Gwenny Janssen and Nicolaas Arts, MD, as my close colleagues. The Korsakoff Centre also collaborates closely with the Centre of Excellence for Neuropsychiatry (head: Prof. Jos Egger). Vincent van Gogh Institute is also a training institute for bachelor and master students, as well as residents in clinical (neuro)psychology, psychiatry and addication medicine.

The Korsakoff Centre is also part of the national network on Korsakoff's syndrome (KKC), a network of specilized nusing homes and mental health institutes in the field of Korsakoff's syndrome.