Q8 Illness Insight Questionnaire

The Q8 - originally developed by Bourgeois et al. (2002) - is a short questionnaire for the assessment of illness insight. This questionnaire was investigated in patients with Korsakoff’s syndrome (KS) and in alcohol use disorder (AUD) patients with mild neurocognitive deficits.

The Dutch and English-language versions are available here:

- Q8 Questionnaire (English version) 
- Q8 Vragenlijst (Nederlandse versie)  

For the original French version of the Q8 click here.

For more information see Walvoort, S.J.W., Van der Heijden, P.T., Kessels, R.P.C., & Egger, J.I.M. (2016). Measuring illness insight in patients with alcohol-related cognitive dysfunctions using the Q8 questionnaire: A validation study. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, 2016(12), 1609-1615. https://doi.org/10.2147/NDT.S104442