The Nijmegen-Venray Confabulation List (NVCL-20)

The NVCL-20 is an observation scale to measure spontaneous confabulation. This scale's items cover spontaneous confabulation, provoked confabulation, and memory and orientation. The NVCL-20 has been validated in Korsakoff patients and cognitively impaired chronic alcoholics. Their ratings were related to the Dalla Barba Confabulation Battery (DBCB), Provoked Confabulation Test (PCT), and standard neuropsychological tests. The categories of the NVCL-20 have “good” to “excellent” internal consistency and inter-rater agreement. Administration is reliable, valid and feasible in clinical practice, making it a useful addition to existing confabulating measures.

The NVCL-20 is provided free of charge for non-commercial purposes and can be downloaded here.

If you use the NVCL-20 in your research, please refer to the following publication, in which you also find more information:

Rensen, Y.C.M., Oosterman, J.M., van Damme, J.E., Griekspoor, S.I.A., Wester, A.J., Kopelman, M.D., & Kessels, R.P.C. (2015). Assessment of confabulation in patients with alcohol-related cognitive disorders: The Nijmegen-Venray Confabulation List (NVCL-20). Clinical Neuropsychologist, 29, 804-823. doi: 10.1080/13854046.2015.1084377